The Story

Yea, I know it’s been saying “We’re writing it. Check back soon.” for a year.

Here’s some of it:

Early June, 2010: #SVSUMMER

I (Jeremy) was invited into the Smallville re-watch Skype party when they were early in the 2nd season. The story goes that Shuby asked Jess and Cory if she could add me, and Jess asked if I was cool and if everyone was ok with adding me. I had already known Cory and Shuby on twitter for quite some time. I got added to the Skype chat and we continued the rewatch. We typically tried to get 3 episodes watched per night on M-Th and 1 or 2 on Friday’s, depending on everyone’s plans. The idea was to watch the previous 9 seasons leading up to the Season 10 premiere on September 24, 2010.

We later added Robin to the Rewatchgroup and we setup a firm schedule and kept a liveblog on tumblr that we could all add our favorite quotes, screencaps, etc to while we were watching. If anyone had plans or had to work late (me…) the group would start without them and they’d catch up on their own, or…we all have our “less favorite” episodes so I didn’t mind skipping some either. (S04E08: Spell…)

Shuby and Brandi and I had already made plans months in advance for Shuby to come out from Massachusetts for Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL and after our chats with Jess, we discovered she only lived about 2.5 hours from Wilmington. Shuby and I texted each other a few days later, almost at the same exact time to ask if we should ask Jess to come with us. It was set. Jess was game. She took the next Thursday & Friday off.

June 10, 2010

Jess made the drive from Warsaw, IN to Wilmington, IL to crash with us the night before we took off south. After she arrived, we all (Me, Jessica, Brandi, and Shuby) went to eat at Wilmington’s ONLY Chinese restaurant. We finished up and decided that we needed a few things from Walmart before we left. I asked the girls if they had ever had White Castle, to which Jess and Shuby both answered no. We stopped and ate. I know Jess didn’t like it, as it’s still not on the list of places that we can both eat. We got back to the house late and all went to sleep. The girls took the couches and I slept on the floor.

June 11, 2010

Rise and shine and lets hit the road. It took about 7 hours with only 2 stops, 1 for lunch and 1 for gas, and some mild construction traffic to get to the hotel in Metropolis. We checked in, unloaded, freshened up and drove downtown to park and walk around the festival.

We stopped and toured/shopped at the Super Museum & Souvenir Store. We spent the whole weekend in/around the celebration. The guests that year were Smallville stars Laura Vandervoort and Sam Witwer. We got pics and autographs and listened to their Q&A panel. Shuby even got to ask them a question. I have the video somewhere. If I can find it, I’ll post it.

To be continued.