The house smells like great steak… and dill pickles.

We have friends family coming to town this weekend. So, we’re gonna feast like kings. The biggest dish is a great carne asada recipe. Can’t divulge what’s in the marinade but man is it delicious.

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Jess wanted to try her hand at pickling cucumbers. When we started the garden she also planted some dill. (did I mention the house currently reeks of dill pickles?) The first test jar is on the counter and will be “edible” in 3 days. I only like sweet pickles so I’ll be passing on the homemade pickles.


#cucumbers #pickles #pickling #kosherdill #dill we will see how it turns out!!!

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That’s that. Don’t have much else to update about. It’s rained a LOT. The garden is flourishing (as are the weeds). The pool is full. We’re still battling some stuck on dirt on the bottom. But, at least the water is crystal clear. Oh, we’ve also completely cleaned our bedroom which has been a disaster since I moved in because we ran out of steam on deciding where to put stuff.

The other delay in updates is that we’ve had little to no internet for a while. Being out in the country, certain companies aren’t available. (Actually, Comcast comes close, but they refuse to put in a split and run down our road. So we’re stuck with Fourway (a radio antenna that barely gets a signal.) It’s pissed me off because the cell service also absolutely sucks out here too.

Enough for now. Love to everyone back home. Miss you. We’ll come visit again soon-ish.


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