So. I got an iPad Pro 9.7. I preordered it. Rose gold. And a pencil.

I love them!!! Absolutely. I use them for work, I use them almost more than I use my MacBook Pro. Imagine to my surprise a few weeks ago when I got to work and opened it up and there was a crack in my screen. A small crack. But a crack none the less.

I was very upset. We went to the Apple Store and Jeremy talked to them, and they decided NOT to use my AppleCare for such a small crack in my screen. But they would just replace it for free!!!!! How cool.

I had been looking for a case, and felt like I should just buckle down and get one to protect my new iPad. And here is what I found: iPad Pro 9.7 Case – MoKo Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Cover with Translucent Frosted Back Protector for Apple iPad Pro 9.7″

The iPad locks when the cover closes. It wraps around to a standing position.

I got the rose gold and it matches very nicely. It’s is protective and feels nice to the touch. So far I haven’t had any issues with the case getting dirty. It has stayed pretty clean.


Here is a question I get often from Jess:

How are you so warm?!?!

I honestly couldn’t tell you.


Last week I got the garden tilled and put on my weed killer. I’ve got to go through and gather up the little patches of grass that rooted before I could get it out. We’re going to make a trip out to the greenhouse to get some ready to go plants. I have spent the last couple months trying to start my own and they just don’t seem to take very well. It is quite saddening. 

In other, yet related, news, I added another blueberry bush to the group of berries and another kiwi. I am hoping this kiwi will get the other one to produce fruit. However, even if it doesn’t, they are lovely plants. Very green and leafy. This makes 2 raspberries, 3 blackberries, 2 blueberries, 2 cherries, 2 kiwis, and about 15 strawberries. I am really hoping to get some amazing berries this year! 


Apple’s “Let us loop you in” event was today (at the time of writing. as of posting, it was yesterday)


  • My mom needs to upgrade to an iPhone SE (she has an iPhone 5)
  • Jess wants an iPad Pro 9.7″
  • …and so does Jeremy.

My interest has also been piqued for the nylon Apple Watch bands. I’m dying to see the “Scuba Blue” in person. My only gripe is that the buckles on the nylon bands all come in silver, except on the black band.


I still don’t understand the need for so many iPhone and iPad options.

I’m glad that Apple is listening…but I fear they’re listening like my dad does…selectively.



PS I had my first day at the new job today. It was easy. I got off at 4, but did not get home until 8. We picked up Isabelle and took her to Claire’s. She had won a gift card and it was burning a hole in her wallet. She came home with us and we ate dinner (Pizza King) and is staying the night. She’s also getting homemade breakfast in the morning because she got all A’s on her report card (all year so far). #bestauntanduncleever


Walked out of the mall today and apparently the Power Rangers were there today.