Here we are! 1 year in. It’s been a fun ride so far. It’s so incredibly great to be living together & not commuting anymore. I know my car appreciates it.

We’ve had some adventures. Lot’s of “projects”.

  • Finished the deck, railing, & built a self-latching gate for the pool.
  • After some harder work, the garden was more of a success this year.
  • Added blueberry, raspberry & blackberry bushes, another cherry tree… (found some bees the hard way)
  • Turned her bedroom into more of an “us” space. (& I mean, I got to add my desk & shelf.) We bought a really heavy real wood (some might say old or perhaps outdated) oversized headboard system with storage & drawers to help soak up some of the “excess”
  • Decorated the front yard with 200% more Christmas lights than last year, which included adding a new GFCI receptacle on the front of the garage.
  • Finished upgrading the bathroom with new sink & vanity (thanks for the help KP!)
  • Converted 80% of the house to LED bulbs
  • Changed out the old thermostat to a Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Slowly upgrading receptacles around the house
  • Built a sewing workstation countertop & hung shelving for Margo.
  • Helped Sam change out all of the original “plastic” wood trim with actual oak doors, trim, & baseboard
  • Cleaned out 1/2 of the garage so you can actually get 2 cars in it
  • Helped Margo trade in her car & get a better deal on something that suits her needs

Yes, I’m still looking for a job. Nothing has panned out, despite numerous applications & a few interviews.

I foresee a lot more projects this year & I’m glad we get to do them together.


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  1. Well, I think you should have included all the fun stuff you did this year too! Like visits and party’s and drinking and playing games! lol

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