My good friend (twin, brother, and sometimes polar opposite) Chris posed this question this evening:

dude – what do I need to do you get you just the slightest into EDC stuff…??

What is EDC you ask? Everyday Carry. The essential items you need to function daily.

For me, I don’t need or carry much.

This is me (32/m) everyday:


I don’t carry keys. Every door I need into has a keypad on it (our door at the house and if we go to IL, mom and dad’s door has a keypad also.)

I mean how many times have you needed a light that would have been helpful to look for something? or a blade to cut open a box, envelope etc

I use the flashlight on my iPhone if I need light, and my car key for cutting tape on boxes and etc, and I typically use my finger to open envelopes, or just hulk out on stuff like padded envelopes. I love flashlights, and I own a few for the car (750 lumens), by the back door (1000 lumens), etc. but I don’t need one in my pocket.

I envy the minimalist lifestyle, and try to keep my desk as minimalistic as possible. Don’t look at it right now, though.

If I travel anywhere, however, my list expands. My Thule Crossover Sling Pack is my go to bag.

Inside it:


I’m trying to convince Chris to guest post here and list his EDC. We’ll see.