12:30 AM: 103.2 F Let’s take him to the hospital.

Josiah has been sick since Saturday morning, running a fever (#MoreCowbell) that keeps spiking, a cough and runny nose. He’s staying here with us because the other 3 kids can’t get sick, and Marc and Belinda can’t stay home from work with him. His fever spiked again and wouldn’t come down about 10:00 so at 12:30 am (now Monday morning) Jess and I (and Belinda over text message) decided to load him up and take him to the ER.

We arrive, scoot right in and they check him. His fever had come back down to 100.5, so of course “Dr. IHaveADegree” was condescending and said that we should’ve just given him tylenol and motrin. He orders strep test and chest x-rays. And then the nurse came back and said she needs a flu swab too. She takes those and lets us know it’ll be about 30 min.

Dr. comes back with a different tone now, and lets us know Josiah has Influenza A and is prescribing Tamiflu. Now we’re back home after stopping at CVS (and McDonalds, I was hungry and they serve breakfast all night. Who could say no to a Sausage Egg McMuffin. And Jo got french fries.)

The moral of the story: just because you have a medical degree doesn’t mean you’re psychic.