This year, I decided to really get going on this whole garden thing. Jeremy and I have discovered that we do enjoy some good tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower, and thought we’d give it a go (sometimes when I say “we”, I mean, “me, and Jeremy went along with it”, because, well, he supports my creative side).

A family friend volunteered to bring his tractor over to plow our garden and we made it a wee bit bigger than we probably needed. We put up a little fence just to help discourage bunnies and other critters from entering. After several good rains, we sprinkled some Preen on it.

We started several plants from seed. That didn’t really turn out too well. So, we went to a couple greenhouses. Got some really healthy plants and put them in the garden too. We ended up with a ton of plants, because those seeds I mentioned before, well, some of them took off too (two clusters of broccoli, cauliflower, etc.). We also ended up with several varieties of tomatoes. My sister thinks she is going to do some canning this year…I’m not holding my breath. BUT she does make some great salsa. Anyway, we’ve got grape and cherry tomatoes, Marglobe, Beef Steak, Big Boy, Better Boy and a couple of unknowns. We will overflow with tomatoes…I hope. We also got some cucumbers, both slicing and pickling. My mom planted 3 rows of potatoes, and none of them were coming up, to her great disappointment. Rather than leave it empty, we planted green beans, in addition to the pole grean beans that we had originally planted. We also have some Buttercrunch lettuce, Spanish Chard and Arugala.

There are about 25 strawberry plants as well. I don’t think these guys are going to make it. They ended up being quite close to the edge of the garden and seem to be getting strangled out by some grass that I haven’t been able to take care of.

After several rains, and more rains, the plants are growing! Lovely, delicious plants. I’ve had multiple salads, and pickled some cucumbers. I’ve had some delicious broccoli and some sugar snap peas. It has all been very cool.

Lessons learned: Use straw around established plants early to help prevent weed growth. Use Sevin early so that bugs don’t continue to eat all my leaves (Sevin is just a powder and is effective. To each their own regarding non-organic substances; I decided to use it on a few of my plants.) Watering is essential. Sunlight is essential. And it is important to keep an eye on it, because the veggies and the weeds grow really quickly!

Our first haul:


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