Dark and dreary days are depressing.

We love alliteration. We hate rain.

We went out for lunch with the in-laws at a different Chinese food place here in Warsaw. I still haven’t found my favorite here. Only a few more to go… (I have a feeling I might not find one I like…or that agrees with me.) While we were eating it started to rain.

Jess and Daphne are in the recliner catching a quick nap while it’s raining before we start fixing dinner. I bought a new laptop and camera bag while we were out for $15 on clearance (MSRP: $59.99) and I’m going to transfer all of my stuff over to see what I think of it. Not sure I want to fully give up my Thule bag or not. Jess has her eyes on it; as does Chris.

For now, I leave you with this video I shot yesterday at the lake waiting to be picked back up by the boat: