Another birthday has come…and gone.

My mom and aunt came to spend this past weekend with us and celebrate my birthday. I made it public for this year on Facebook. (I was bitter last year and made it private so no one knew, after inviting a lot of people, getting RSVP’s, and spending a lot of money on a big party for my 30th… and no one showed.)

Today was ok. Jess was at work and I mowed an entire lawn for the first time in probably 15 years. And my allergies didn’t make this evening absolutely miserable! I may have finally outgrown my seasonal allergies? (as I knock on wood)

Jess got home at 5, and I was still on the mower until about 5:45. Jess began the process of making me sweet pickles. Then we made some awesome mashed potatoes (Jess cut and boiled, I mashed them) to go along with the fried chicken leftovers from Saturday night. We ate our dinner, watched a movie, and a little tv while we each worked on our laptops. I tweaked the theme/layout of this site and checked in on the t-shirt booster I’m running in memory of K.C. Hysel (which ends Wednesday, August 26) while Jess worked on getting more orders for her thirty-one book party that ends this Saturday, August 29.

I might be heading back to Wilmington sometime this week for a day or two to work on some stuff for Mom and Dad’s annual summer bash since I won’t get to actually be there for the party.

Until next time…



PS – Apple announced a recall on the iPhone 6 Plus for the rear iSight camera