I’ve heard about these bath bombs that are supposed to be amazing from LUSH. I had never used one. But on New Year’s Eve, I was able to stop in the Chicago location and make a couple purchases. Specifically, the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. The rumors were true. This bath bomb is AMAZING. My bath felt completely luxurious. The fizzing action, was of course entertaining. There are several YouTube videos that demonstrate. After my bath I used my totally amazing robe that my husband bought for me last year. This robe is amazing. I have searched for a couple years trying to identify one with the right softness, that would wear well.

So, if you are looking for a way to feel pampered and cozy. Give that a try 😀


I was doing some research on succulents and found this article. Now, I don’t know is this article really the best source of information? I don’t know. And they are cute little plants, so….I don’t necessarily care either! 

So I armed myself with like 30 different articles on how to create a cutesy little planter, and then I decided to go for it.  

Gathered supplies: 

Jeremy was able to find some adorable glass containers at Goodwill. I picked up most of my supplies at Lowes. As it turns out, there is special soil for these types of plants, a “fast-draining, cactus mix”. You have to use a certain amount of dirt and rocks for drainage. Actually, if you want to know how to do it, check out this article

I think they are super cute and hopefully, they won’t die on me. I gave a couple as gifts to some of my friends. Some finished product: 


Our house has windows facing the east and windows facing the west. It is laid at just the right angle that the sun can be quite intense. So, after some tint pricing and other ideas, we decided to get window “film” and apply it to our windows. Thinking this may help keep the heat out in the summer and in during the winter. 

We went with Gila Heat Control film. It was around $40 at Menards, plus the cost of an install kit. We have 7 large windows, a set of French doors and a small kitchen window. We ended up with 3 rolls of the film. (There is a guide on the boxes to indicate how much you need.)

After finding it was a thinner film than Jeremy was used to, and ruining one piece, we finally started to get the hang of application. During this adventure we even figured out how to pull the entire window piece out. However, it was hard to install the film on a window as it laid on the table, because the installation spray didn’t run off the window, thus making it hard to get all the bubbles out. Live and learn. We only tried that with one window. 

Just a couple days later and I can tell a significant difference. We can open the blinds and get light, and even walking up to the window there is less heat radiating. Pretty excited about this, and hopefully our Nest can report that we’re using less air in the next couple months! 


From August 2016:

Jeremy and I found last minute reservations to the Magic Kingdom restaurant Be Our Guest. These reservations were for 9:50pm. Yes, that is late for supper…but is it too late for a cool experience?? The sun had set, and we were waiting inside the “castle gates”. A servant girl came out, holding Lumiere and escorted us into the ballroom, “where Beast and Belle fell in love”. As we walked through the ballroom to our table she commented that “the master is home tonight and will be receiving guests in the study”. Apparently, Jeremy and I were a little disconnected, taking it all in, because she followed up with, “you know who the master is, yes?” OF COURSE! THE BEAST! (Now, technically, it should just be a guy, because the curse is lifted at the end of the film. But I won’t be picky.)

Our server, Tam, was from Vientnam. He gave us time to look over the menu and was excellent the whole night. His shining moment was when he brought over a sweet tea refill for me and laid out 4 sweeteners, having observed that I used 4. How amazing is that attention to detail. Tam also noticed our indecision when deciding which desert to pick. He ended up brining us a little sample of “The Grey Stuff”, so that I could order the much desired Triple Chocolate Cupcake. This was outstanding service for someone, whom had probably had a long day at work and really just wanted us to leave (all though he denied it 😀 )

We got to take pictures with Beast, and explore the areas of the castle. Because it was so late we were able to take all these pictures without a bunch of unnamed people in them. We walked out of park after close and it was beautiful, quiet even and rather enchanting.


After a couple days of aggressively searching for a lid to my awesome 20oz YETI Rambler, and after trying a myriad of keywords in the Google search bar, I stumbled onto this video. I watched all the videos by the user and found the website: I preordered my STOP IT for my 20oz and one for the 30oz for Jeremy’s YETI. This was 02 Aug. So it has been 27 days (this is not normal shipping times). And every day I have honestly been a little excited about it. WELL today, I got my STOP IT! See the video below for my unboxing!


So. I got an iPad Pro 9.7. I preordered it. Rose gold. And a pencil.

I love them!!! Absolutely. I use them for work, I use them almost more than I use my MacBook Pro. Imagine to my surprise a few weeks ago when I got to work and opened it up and there was a crack in my screen. A small crack. But a crack none the less.

I was very upset. We went to the Apple Store and Jeremy talked to them, and they decided NOT to use my AppleCare for such a small crack in my screen. But they would just replace it for free!!!!! How cool.

I had been looking for a case, and felt like I should just buckle down and get one to protect my new iPad. And here is what I found: iPad Pro 9.7 Case – MoKo Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Cover with Translucent Frosted Back Protector for Apple iPad Pro 9.7″

The iPad locks when the cover closes. It wraps around to a standing position.

I got the rose gold and it matches very nicely. It’s is protective and feels nice to the touch. So far I haven’t had any issues with the case getting dirty. It has stayed pretty clean.


Last week I got the garden tilled and put on my weed killer. I’ve got to go through and gather up the little patches of grass that rooted before I could get it out. We’re going to make a trip out to the greenhouse to get some ready to go plants. I have spent the last couple months trying to start my own and they just don’t seem to take very well. It is quite saddening. 

In other, yet related, news, I added another blueberry bush to the group of berries and another kiwi. I am hoping this kiwi will get the other one to produce fruit. However, even if it doesn’t, they are lovely plants. Very green and leafy. This makes 2 raspberries, 3 blackberries, 2 blueberries, 2 cherries, 2 kiwis, and about 15 strawberries. I am really hoping to get some amazing berries this year!