We’re at Cedar Point for Jessica’s company picnic weekend! I love amusement parks. Ate at an overpriced TGI Fridays for dinner then made a Walmart run for a few things we needed for tomorrow (I’m pretty sure that People of Walmart was there casting new talent).

I’m probably going to try to Periscope some tomorrow. If you have an iPhone/Android, download the app and follow me @jgns.

Going to catch some sleep so I can get up and order an iPhone 6S.



Another birthday has come…and gone.

My mom and aunt came to spend this past weekend with us and celebrate my birthday. I made it public for this year on Facebook. (I was bitter last year and made it private so no one knew, after inviting a lot of people, getting RSVP’s, and spending a lot of money on a big party for my 30th… and no one showed.)

Today was ok. Jess was at work and I mowed an entire lawn for the first time in probably 15 years. And my allergies didn’t make this evening absolutely miserable! I may have finally outgrown my seasonal allergies? (as I knock on wood)

Jess got home at 5, and I was still on the mower until about 5:45. Jess began the process of making me sweet pickles. Then we made some awesome mashed potatoes (Jess cut and boiled, I mashed them) to go along with the fried chicken leftovers from Saturday night. We ate our dinner, watched a movie, and a little tv while we each worked on our laptops. I tweaked the theme/layout of this site and checked in on the t-shirt booster I’m running in memory of K.C. Hysel (which ends Wednesday, August 26) while Jess worked on getting more orders for her thirty-one book party that ends this Saturday, August 29.

I might be heading back to Wilmington sometime this week for a day or two to work on some stuff for Mom and Dad’s annual summer bash since I won’t get to actually be there for the party.

Until next time…



PS – Apple announced a recall on the iPhone 6 Plus for the rear iSight camera


The house smells like great steak… and dill pickles.

We have friends family coming to town this weekend. So, we’re gonna feast like kings. The biggest dish is a great carne asada recipe. Can’t divulge what’s in the marinade but man is it delicious.

IMG_0040  IMG_0042

IMG_0041  IMG_0043

Jess wanted to try her hand at pickling cucumbers. When we started the garden she also planted some dill. (did I mention the house currently reeks of dill pickles?) The first test jar is on the counter and will be “edible” in 3 days. I only like sweet pickles so I’ll be passing on the homemade pickles.


#cucumbers #pickles #pickling #kosherdill #dill we will see how it turns out!!!

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That’s that. Don’t have much else to update about. It’s rained a LOT. The garden is flourishing (as are the weeds). The pool is full. We’re still battling some stuck on dirt on the bottom. But, at least the water is crystal clear. Oh, we’ve also completely cleaned our bedroom which has been a disaster since I moved in because we ran out of steam on deciding where to put stuff.

The other delay in updates is that we’ve had little to no internet for a while. Being out in the country, certain companies aren’t available. (Actually, Comcast comes close, but they refuse to put in a split and run down our road. So we’re stuck with Fourway (a radio antenna that barely gets a signal.) It’s pissed me off because the cell service also absolutely sucks out here too.

Enough for now. Love to everyone back home. Miss you. We’ll come visit again soon-ish.



Dark and dreary days are depressing.

We love alliteration. We hate rain.

We went out for lunch with the in-laws at a different Chinese food place here in Warsaw. I still haven’t found my favorite here. Only a few more to go… (I have a feeling I might not find one I like…or that agrees with me.) While we were eating it started to rain.

Jess and Daphne are in the recliner catching a quick nap while it’s raining before we start fixing dinner. I bought a new laptop and camera bag while we were out for $15 on clearance (MSRP: $59.99) and I’m going to transfer all of my stuff over to see what I think of it. Not sure I want to fully give up my Thule bag or not. Jess has her eyes on it; as does Chris.

For now, I leave you with this video I shot yesterday at the lake waiting to be picked back up by the boat:



We got up and headed out to Winona Lake to put the pontoon on the water for the first time this season. The in-laws get a pier space each year and we had the opportunity to get a better spot, so we took it. It happens to be in a group of boaters in a boat club. You know, jackasses that think they own the lake.

We got new ropes and tethers to tie off to the pier. We didn’t have them adjusted to the right length yet because again, it’s a new spot and on a different pier than last year. The wind was super strong this morning and the water was super choppy. It took us 4 tries to get pulled into the spot and get the ropes tied and knotted. Jess was standing on the pier and overheard the boat owner (we’ll call him Jack) tell his wife, “if he hits my boat, I’m gonna be pissed.” To which she replied, “Don’t worry, i’ve got 911 on speed dial.” We’ll get back to them later.

We spent 3-3.5 hours on the lake, and at 3, Jess and I, along with her mom got off at the boat launch and had to go get paint since it’s on sale at Sherwin-Williams for 40% off this weekend (The painter comes next Saturday) and a quick stop at the pool store. When we’re done we head back to the lake and let them know where to pick us up.

Great. It’s a good thing we have friends that live on the lake. We called them up and luckily they were home and able to take us out to the stranded boat and give us a jump. Started easily and we thanked him and said our goodbyes and went to our pier space. Pulled in, tied off on the 1st shot.

Offload kids and people and head to the vehicles. Here we’re getting ready to pull away and up comes “Jack” and catches our attention and says “My father-in-law said you guys just came in the same way as this morning, bouncing all over the pier and coming close to my boat.”

Nope. Not true.

Dude. You don’t own the lake and your boat is in a lift. We were 6’ foot away and didn’t come close to your lift, let alone the old ugly boat inside of it. No, we do not want to trade pier spots with your boat club buddy. That’s not a compromise. That’s you getting your way.

When you have a concern or even a problem, don’t approach people with a bad attitude. If you would’ve approached us with “Hi, my names John Doe. We noticed you had a few problems getting into the pier space this morning…would you be interested in this other space?” we would’ve been a little more willing to talk to you. But instead you walked up with hate and hostility.

As the great Wil Wheaton said… ”Don’t be a dick.”

In other news, we are all sunburnt and tonight Jess is like a proud mother tonight. Her half price rescue mission blackberry plants from Lowes are producing!

We’re watching the Blackhawks game (that was just spoiled for us…dude.) and having a snack then it’s bedtime.